Our Services

 OUR BEGINNINGS Formed by Executive producer, writer Lee O Thomas in 1983. His knownlege in computers lead him to open up one of the first project studios and rehearsal rooms in Chicago for reggae and other independent artists. Live or electronic,Dread City has produced,written,mixed, remixed tracks for music genres ranging from Reggae,HipHop, R&B,House,Blues, Jazz, Rock and Gospel. Names like Frankie Paul, ASWAD, the late house charting Kool Rock Steady the late blues legend Phil Guy, and Jazz great Hugh Masekela have used Dread City Music services. Lee O. Thomas, with producing partner Yoab Israh, is shaping a new era for the Dread City Sound. We are equipped to meet the production needs for todays music. Dread City Music has available a support team of writers and musicians, Omega McBride, Daron "Casper the freaky Ghost”Walker Twilite Jonez, Hiram Broyles, and Ten City's Herb Lawson. Dread City Music would like to say "Gone But Not Forgotten" Uzziel Levvi ,Max Mattox,Aswad Greggori. in 2020 Donnie Silk.